I.S.O (International Sexfighting Organization)

BSF-444_CoverFeline Dion is a relatively new sexfighter in the ISO, but she’s been stacking up a few impressive victories—impressive enough that the Organization asks her to replace the girl who was supposed to face Southeastern Champion Erika Knight at the last minute. So, we join Feline on board the Tribadism, heading for a small resort on New Lesbos Island.

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Eduardo Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt.

BSF-443_CoverAny man would love to challenge little sexpot Kim to a sexfight—if only to have the best sex of his life and then to lose spectacularly. But Ed’s not interested in fun. He wants the Belt because he thinks a man of his girth should dominate the League—and because HE could never stomach the idea of a woman being superior to him—in bed or in life.

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Morale Boost

bsf-442_coverTania was the commentator for Paul’s unsuccessful attempt at taking the BWL Championship Belt from Caribe two weeks ago. He may have failed at beating the Champ, but he sure was successful at re-igniting his ex-mistress’s libido.

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Tania vs Prudence is Ready!

tania-pru_prevThe Tania-Prudence sexfight is finally finished right on time for 2017! It’s a really intense face-off and a 35-image long story, and I had a lot of fun doing it!

Those of you who sponsored it already got a link through a personal email. Thank you. YOU made this little unusual story possible.

If you sponsored the sexfight but DIDN’T get my mail, please let me know at entropy@BustySexFights.com.

If you wanted to sponsor this fight but forgot to send your contribution, you can still do it through Paypal ($40 US). Send me a mail to get the address and special instructions (entropy@BustySexFights.com)..

If you DIDN’T sponsor the sexfight but would really like to buy it nevertheless ($40 US), it’s still time. But due to the slightly more sensitive nature of the story, you have to send me a mail and I’ll give you instructions (entropy@BustySexFights.com).

On a website like this, we have to abide to the rules imposed to me by the payment gateway and the credit card companies. I hope that, in the future, I can organize more sponsored events like this one to push the boundaries a little and explore new facets of the BSF universe.

Happy New Year to you all!


Happy New Year!

This week was vacation week! There were already four stories for December(1st, 8th, 15th and 23nd), so this week is a week off.

Have a great 2017, and use this time off to revisit some old BSF favorites!


Bitter Kandi Aftertaste

bsf-441_coverMegan beat Kandice in a sexfight and won Robin for one night—and what a night!

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Tania vs Prudie: An Update

After much delays, I’m about half way through the confrontation between Tania and Prudence.

Here are two of the images to tease you:

bsf-custom_01 bsf-custom_05

I should finish it before 2017 begins! Thanks for your patience!

Ashley Challenges Kim for the BSF Title

bsf-440_coverWhen Petr challenged Kim for her Sexfighting Title, back in October, Ashley got on stage to try to help her man win the Belt but was quickly and easily dismissed by Kim. Since then, the redhead has been saying she made Kim cum with her mouth within seconds and the Champ is just afraid to lose her Title to a newcomer. Well, tonight, she gets a chance to put her mouth where her mouth is.

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Bitter Kandi, Part 2

bsf-439_coverLast week, Kandice fucked Megan’s lover Matt in retribution for the busty blonde making a pass at Robin, the BWL referee and Kandice’s lover. But the Beach Bunny got caught in the act and now Megan is going ahead with her original plan: sexfight Kandice for Robin in the Pussygon at the No Holds Bar.

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Bitter Kandi

bsf-438_coverTwo weeks ago, as she was sexfighting France, Megan really got the hots for BWL referee Robin, and even grabbed her breasts as she was having her victory orgasm. This didn’t sit well with Robin’s girlfriend, beach bunny Kandice. So when she overhears Matt say he’ll hit the beach, she figures that this is her eye-for-an-eye moment.

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