Amazon vs Mammazon

BSF-378_CoverMelanie and Sophie met twice on this website, and both felt the sting of humiliation as the other beat them in very public, very intense sex competitions. Tonight, they settle their score.

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Summer’s Over

BSF-377_CoverNikki Summers is Queen of the Hill. She won the amateur tournament and even faced the second runner-up to confirm her Title. For the event, Nikki was trained by Prudie, Tania’s daughter. Now Prudie took care of the F/F part, but when time came to train her against males, Prudence refused to let Nikki use her boyfriend Chip. And what a woman like Nikki can’t have, she wants even more!

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EntropyComix Is Online!

EntropyComix is finally open!

It’s going to feature stories from yours truly, Entropy, illustrated by very talented comic artists.

Of course, this is Entropy stuff, so you know there’ll be beautiful women involved in some sort of sexual competition!

Please check the site out and buy the stories! All the money will go toward hiring artists and making the stories even longer and better! If this is the kind of thing you’d like to read on a regular basis, please encourage us!


Regine Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Belt

BSF-376_Cover“I’m tired of this platform where we sexfight. I want a venue where we can be rough without being afraid to fall off; a venue where we can start on our feet.” Well, somebody sure heard the Champ’s recriminations. Behold the new No Holds Bar Octagon, already nicknamed the Pussygon. And what better way to inaugurate it than with a Championship sexfight with challenger Regine?

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Annie’s Challenge

BSF-375_CoverNow that Anna decided to try to make it on her own, her twin sister Annie feels that she, too, has something to prove. And she feels the best way to show she’s at least as good as her sister is to challenge…the entire League!

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PS: Thanks to agarciacmmb for inspiring this idea!

Girl At Work

BSF-374_CoverAfter her divorce from David, Cindy started working as a high-class escort and tonight, she’s got a special client: a woman.

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Power is out…

Thunder storms knocked the power out and Hydro (the power company here in Quebec) says it won’t come back until late tonight or tomorrow morning. So this week’s story won’t be posted until tomorrow night. Sorry.

I’m case you wonder, I’m posting from my phone–AND I’m barbecuing so no problems!!

Couples Title Challenge – Jolene and Olivier

BSF-373_CoverIt’s been six months since Petr and Hani won the Best Couple Tournament. Since then, Hani—who was BSF Champion at the time—lost both her individual Title AND Petr to Jennifer. It took some time to decide, but the League ruled that if Megan could replace Caribe mid-tournament, so could Jenn replace Hani. And now, Jolene and Olivier are challenging the Best Couple. Jolene learned there was some foul play in their Quarterfinal and she wants a shot at the Title.

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Guitar Man

BSF-372_CoverJust an ordinary day at the beach for MILF Tania, walking around in a sexy bikini and basking in the adoration of men—until someone else goes for the adoration.

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Vacation Week


This week is vacation week on the BSF.

Indeed, you got a story on July 2nd, and you’ll get three other before July is over.

Normally, I would’ve taken the LAST week of July off, but this way, I could combine this holiday with the one on the BWL and get two REAL weeks off.

See you on the 16th!