Best Laid Plans

BSF-334_CoverPetr and Hani are on vacation, but Hani’s rivals are on the prowl. They stalked the couple to their hotel and they intend to make their move: defeat Hani in a sexfight and take back Petr. But sometimes the best laid plans…


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Carrie That Weight

BSF-333_CoverTwo weeks ago, Caribe faced Regine’s boyfriend Brad in a BWL boxing bout. If she won, Brad had to lend her his boat and his new girlfriend Regine. Well, Braddie boy lost.

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BSF-332_CoverGuest Poser artist G Money presents a tale of intrigue. Hugo Willis, owner of the No Holds Bar, makes a deal with an experienced courier to transport an unspecified package to an unspecified destination. Hugo requires that two familiar henchmen—make that henchwomen—accompany the courier for reasons known only to Hugo…and maybe to one other person.

The courier lives by three rules:

1) Never change the deal;

2) No names; and

3) Never open the package.

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A Little Magic

BSF-331_CoverFrance and Louise face each other in an iron pussy sexfight—they fuck each other until one can’t take any more orgasms and submits. And to help them in their contest, the No Holds Bar graciously provides Magic Wands—but NOT the kind you find in fairy tales!

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The Wrestling Lesson 3

BSF-330_CoverWhat makes a guy hot? Having four gorgeous women wanting him is a good start! By that definition, Petr’s the hottest guy in the League now. His girlfriend’s hot Czech model Hani, but his ex Kandice still wants him. Add to that little redhead girl Ashley and Tania’s daughter Prudence, who’s been pretending to need wrestling lessons to ride his dick and that’s FOUR girls!

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An Offer She Can’t Refuse

BSF-329_CoverWe haven’t seen the male twins the girls sometimes use for their sex competition since October of last year. But now the guys want to get back with the BSF and they have a proposition for Tania.

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Mackenzie Challenges David for the BSF Belt

BSF-328_CoverLast week, BWL Champion Myriam challenged David for his Sexfighting Title—and failed. But right after she submitted to the Champion’s virility, young Mackenzie walked on stage and issued a challenge of her own. So now, David has to sexfight her as he feels the effect of Kim’s maneuver on his dick slowly fading.

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Myriam Challenges David for the BSF Belt

BSF-327_CoverIn the entire history of the BWL and the BSF, only one person got to wear both Championship Belts at the same time: Kim, who was BWL Champion at the time she conquered the BSF sexfighting Belt on January 16th, 2011. She was Dual Champion until she lost the BWL Belt on May 10th and the BSF Belt six days later.

Tonight, BWL Champion Myriam will try to repeat that exploit by challenging David for the Title. Lucky for him, he’s got the record holder on his side!

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BSF-327_SampleThere won’t be any posting this week on the BSF. There have already been four stories for July (3rd, 10th, 17th and 26th), so this week is vacation week.

I’ve been doing the websites since 2012 and I only took two weeks off per year for all that time. By moving to a four posting per month format, I add two extra weeks off, and you still get a full month’s worth of material. In fact, July has been pretty good story-wise. On the sign up page, I promise a minimum of 20 images per story. This month, however, I published 122 images! If you stick to a 20-image format, I posted the equivalent of SIX stories! And I had a lot of fun doing so!

To help you wait for next week, I thought I’d give you a little preview of the first story for August, where BWL Champion Mimi will be challenging BSF Champion David in an attempt to have both Belts. And there’ll also be a surprise guest…

Also, feel free to use this time to browse the 300 plus stories already online.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

What’s Up, Doc?

BSF-326_CoverWhen one of the doctors on the teaching staff of Jolene’s medical school announces that he’s going to pull the plug—his career plug—the rest of the faculty gives him a parting gift that’s far better than the cliché gold watch. As one of the founders of their curious specialty and the first head of its Entertainment Committee, he is allowed to enjoy a special private contest between the women of his choice. He has chosen Jolene and her bosomy buddy Caribe. The winner gets a date with the Guest of Honor after their contest.

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