New Friend, New Enemy

BSF-312_CoverDisgusted with her recent losing streak, Kim checks out a local MMA expert Jayden. His self-defense class has been going on for a while when Kim shows up for a post-session audition, during which she both impresses Jayden with her skill and shocks him with her sexually assertive attitude. Jayden is used to having a few of the girls in each class develop crushes on him—as indeed, student Alexa has this time—but none of these young ladies has ever been as forward as the Amazin’ Asian.

We join Kim and Jayden in the locker room adjacent to the showers. During the audition things got a little too hot for the ring and they moved the action into this more secluded area. Kim already made a good impression and now intends to make an even better one.

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[Guest artist G_Money has again provided the spectacular Poser renderings, as well as the new characters Jayden and Alexa. Look for the prequel to this BSF posting soon on his Sublime 3D BlogSpot site.]

Dildo Saddles

BSF-311_CoverWho has the strongest pussy muscles: Czech model Hani of mega-busty France? The No Holds Bar has a new way to test this. And the results are spectacular—as is to be expected on the BSF.

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A Whole Lotta Help!

Just wanted to let you know enough of you guys agreed to pay one full year in advance to go on with the project.

So I’ll be upgrading my workspace and, hopefully, be able to give you guys more for your bucks!

But if any of you wanted to do this, there’s still time. Honestly, I didn’t get enough to completely cover the cost, so a couple more of you would be awesome!

I’m giving 15-month memberships to those who agree to pay one full year in one installment. So for dual memberships, it comes down to a few cents more than 10$ per month per website!

Let me know if you want to jump on board; we still have room for you!

Behind Bars

BSF-310_CoverAnnie and Anna both go out with Smiling Politely’s lead singer Lynx, but ever since they were kids, the blonde twins were too competitive to share their toys. Tonight, things got out of hand—again—when the twins started sexfighting in a bar where Smiling Politely had a gig. Somebody called the police and things got even more out of hand.

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With a Little Help from my Friends…

poser_pro_2014_box_shotThis is especially addressed to those of you who buy three-month memberships, to one site or both.

You guys saw the change of lighting and textures on the sites lately and, from your comments, you appreciate the new “feel” of the images. This is due partly to me exploring Poser some more, partly to switching from an archaic version of the software to a less-archaic version.

But here’s the thing: To use the new version and even upgrade to the latest, I would also need to upgrade one of my computers. Right now, my most powerful machine is almost four year old and it lags like crazy, making the work slower and therefore taking away precious time I could spend making the work better and better.

The problem is I can’t afford a new machine—or the newest version of Poser—right now, nor in a near future. So here’s what I’d like to try:

If some of you are a bit more comfortable than others money-wise, would you mind paying a full year in advance, through money order or Western Union?

A one-year membership to either the BWL or the BSF would be $180, and both sites would come up to $320.

The way I see it, if only four of you would buy a one-year dual membership, I’d have enough to get the best desktop computer for the job AND upgrade to the brand new Poser. And if I got a couple more people, I could give you a discount on the year!


Please write to me at if you are interested. IF AND ONLY IF I have enough people, I’ll reply with the information you need to proceed. If I don’t, I’ll just send you a thank you mail and we’ll forget the whole thing. No point in you going through the hassle of sending all that money for nothing.

Two things I feel I need to add: I haven’t missed an update since October of 2002, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth; and of course I’ll make sure you don’t lose a day of the subscription you have going AND you don’t get rebilled!

Thank you all for being members in the first place, and thank you again for considering this.


David Challenges Sexfighting Champion Louise

BSF-309_CoverLouise knew that a Belt is the best way to attract opponents aplenty in the BSF, but nobody knows if she expected to be challenged a mere three weeks after she took the Title from the longest-standing BSF Champion ever—and nobody know if she expected to be challenged by a MAN! David’s just been through a divorce and he lost his mistress as well, so he’ll probably take all the action he can get.

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A Few Nips at the Bar

BSF-308_CoverIn the Basement Wrestling League, Tania is scheduled to face youngster Mackenzie for her  Interim Championship Belt next week. So when a chance encounter places her in a position to rattle her rival’s cage, the seasoned fighter jumps on that opportunity.

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Devil’s Three-Way

BSF-307_CoverRegine’s on the prowl. She wants hot, sweaty sex to try to quench her insatiable libido. She gets to the local watering hole, hoping to find a man who could satisfy her. But when she doesn’t find such a specimen, she remembers the old saying: “Two heads are better than one.”

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STC: Louise Challenges BSF Champion Jolene

BSF-306_CoverWhen you’re the Champ among such competitive women and men as those featured on BustySexFights, you know you’re not going to get much rest. After defeating the new owner’s fiancée barely three weeks ago, Jolene has to defend her Title for a record 10th time. Will Louise prove too much for the sexy blonde?

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Burying the Hatchet

BSF-305_CoverFeeling responsible at least in part for Myriam’s hand injury, Paul has paid her occasional visits at her condo to see how her recuperation is progressing. This time, Myriam has especially good news for him. And some pointed questions.

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