Queen (or King) of the Hill 2015, Part 1

BSF-358_CoverRemember the Queen (or King) of the Hill event? A lot of you loved it and asked for another edition. Well, the owner of the No Holds Bar heard you, and he’s holding the second edition. One thing’s different, though: Everyone participating is a No Holds Bar customer who wanted to try out Sexfighting. All of them were trained by BSF girls, but tonight they’re on their own, facing the crowd and their opponents for the first time!

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The Solo and the Duets

Cindy faces Anna in a torrid sexfight

Anna’s convinced that their failure to get the BSF Title against David is due to her twin sister Annie, so she decides to go it alone, sure that she’s Champion material. But first, she must build her self-confidence, so she challenges escort Cindy to a sex contest.

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Jennifer Challenges Hani for the BSF Belt

BSF-356_CoverA couple of days ago, Jenn fought Petr in the BWL and things got real sexy. Jenn wanted to goad Hani into giving her a shot at her Belt—and after exchanging orgasms, Jenn now wants Petr for herself. But Hani and Petr are the Best Couple in the BSF, so could the Pigtail Princess win BOTH the BSF Belt AND the Couples Title?

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Biker Babe Rides the Wild Hog

BSF-355_CoverDenise is absolutely sure she would’ve beaten David when he was on a roll as the longest-standing male BSF Champ, but he lost to Hani before she could find out. So when she faced him in a boxing match [BWL-549], she saw her chance and bet that if she won, he’d have to sexfight her. And she won.

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Five Minutes, Two Seconds

BSF-354_CoverIn 2010, Matt issued a challenge to Mimi, Denise and Sophie: Whoever made him cum the fastest would win. Sophie won. A few weeks ago, Matt beat Sophie on the BasementWRestlingLeague.com website and he challenged her to beat her old 5:02 record.

So here we are. And since Sophie is fresh off two very humiliating defeats, her pride is on the line so Matt is in for a treat!

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Frenemies, Part 2

BSF-353_CoverLast week, Caribe and Mimi faced each other in a private sexfight in one of the XXXpo VIP booths. It ended up in a draw, so the girls just keep going. And the anonymous sponsor who’s looking at them is giving $10,000 to the winner while the loser will have to fuck him. As if the tension between these two wasn’t already over the top.

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Frenemies, Part 1


At the Basement Wrestling League, 2015 began with a Championship fight where long-standing Champion Myriam lost her Title to Caribe. And although it was a Pit fight—a venue where the only way to win is by KO—there was no way to ignore the sexual attraction the former Champ had for the Challenger (we counted 8 jizz-gushing orgasms!).

So although she won the Belt, Caribe wasn’t happy she was so completely dominated sexually so the current BWL Champion challenged the former BWL Champion to a private sexfight at the Montreal XXXpo’s VIP lounge after hours.

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Saint-Tremblé Blues, Sides A and B

It’s winter in Montréal and Jennifer decides the best way to beat the winter blues is to replace them with Saint-Tremblé blues. But with a body like hers and the peculiar Saint-Tremblé customs, this is sure to be anything but an easy-going vacation!

As a special bonus to help with all our February blues, you get the first part of their encounter—the fight as published on BasementWrestlingLeague.com—for free!


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All the Chips on the Table

BSF-350_CoverA month ago, Prudence faced Chip in a private fight that ended up in a private fucking. They’ve been dating ever since and tonight, Prudie is giving Chip the best gift a man can get: Making him the envy of every guy in the place. But even the hottest chick can be blown away.

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Faster and Furiouser

BSF-349_CoverA wee-hours biker excursion with Denise and Kim’s friend Jayden turns into an impromptu series of street races to see who is faster. The ever-vigilant police soon pick up on this and abruptly the real race is on. The bikers manage to elude their pursuers by ducking into a tuner shop where Jayden and his friend work. The exhilaration and adrenaline rush are not lost on Big Red and, she hopes, not on Jayden.

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