Manik Monday

bsf-432_coverWhen Prudence saw BWL-hopeful Jayanti suntanning topless on Louise’s private beach, she couldn’t resist bullying the Indian girl. There was only one problem: Jayanti fought back and won. But the sexual tension between her and the new rival just couldn’t be ignored, so they agreed to settle the score at the No Holds Bar.

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Petr Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

bsf-431_coverKim won the Sexfighting Championship almost exactly a month ago and there’s already a Challenger: Petr, who lost HIS BWL Championship Belt to Kim almost exactly three years ago. Coincidences? Probably. But on the No Holds Bar stage, revenge is a dish best served wet and horny.

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Straddle Tramps

bsf-430_coverCaribe beat her stripper rival Nikki on the dildo saddles last time, but both women felt they didn’t establish their superiority well enough, so they’re back on the No Holds Bar stage tonight, without technological help.

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Vacation Week

By now (Sunday night), you probably guessed this week was vacation week! I’m sorry I forgot to post a note about it!

There were already four stories for September (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd), so this week WAS a week off.

Come back this Thursday when Caribe will give Nikki a chance to redeem herself after her Dildo Saddles defeat!



Saddle Tramps

bsf-429_coverNikki’s the new girl on the No Holds Bar stage, and she’s looking to establish some street cred. So she figures what better way than to face another stripper like her? And why not go for the best stripper in Montreal?

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Kim Challenges Chip for the BSF Belt

bsf-428_coverKim was scheduled to face Chip for the Sexfighting Championship Title but her breasts were too severely injured so she asked France to step in. However, France couldn’t hold her own against the Champion and his disappointment was so great at losing his shot to face “the ultimate challenge” that Kim decided that—injured boobs be damned—she’d give him what he wants.

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France Challenges Chip for the BSF Belt

BSF-427_CoverKim was scheduled to face Chip for the Sexfighting Championship Title this week, but she defended her own Title two days ago—the Titfighting Championship Title in the BWL—and felt her breasts were too severely injured to get into a sexfight. So France kindly offered to step in and get that Belt off Chip’s waist. One problem: no one thought about telling Chip…

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BSF-426_CoverWhen Mimi showed up at Candy’s place hoping to find the man she suspected was sleeping with her lover Caribe, she was surprised to find the big, beautiful woman instead—and she was even MORE surprised when the big girl bulldozed her in an impromptu sexfight [BSF-401].

This defeat has weighed heavily on Mimi’s confidence ever since, so she figured it was time to candy-coat her humiliation by facing her again.

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Jennifer Challenges Chip for the BSF Belt

BSF-425_CoverSexfighting Champion Chip faced Jennifer once: when he challenged her for HER BWL Belt in June of 2014. Now, two years later, it looks like HE has something SHE wants!

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Civil Whore

BSF-424_CoverRegine beat Cindy in a kickboxing fight two days ago after the referee stopped the fight, concerned that Cindy couldn’t defend herself anymore and might have become injured—something Cindy vehemently denies. Now, the two long-time rivals face each other in the No Holds Bar Pussygon, and Regine hopes to humiliate her rival once more so her boyfriend Brad will lose interest in Cindy’s 100% natural chest.

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