Tania vs Prudie II: “Spare the rod…”


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But this sexfight can’t be featured on the regular BSF website, so I’m offering it as a shared private commission. If you want to see Tania and Prudie face each other again—and the winner use a strap-on on the loser—you need to sponsor this event! Write me at entropy@BustySexFights.com or leave a comment on this post to let me know you want to be a sponsor ($40 US)! If I have enough people wanting this to happen, I’ll do it and send it to those who bought it.

DON’T SEND MONEY YET! If I get enough people, I’ll write back and let you know. THEN you can send your sponsorship payment.

The Trip to Bountiful

BSF-453_CoverIt’s been a while since Brad took the boat out for a ride. And when newcomer Nikki heard about it, she immediately let him know how much she wanted to try her sea legs—and other parts of her anatomy as well.

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Time Stands Still

BSF-452_CoverSince April, Regine has unsuccessfully faced TWO BWL Champions. Meanwhile, Anna’s been trying to get into the BWL and she thinks beating Regine in a sexfight can give her an opportunity to shine.

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A Fine Romance

BSF-451_CoverJolene and Olivier are sharing some quality time on a hotel room, but Oli has something on his mind…

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Prudence Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

BSF-450_CoverLast week, Mack was supposed to face Kim, both to try to take her Belt and to avenge her humiliation from her defeat by David—which turns out to be Kim’s fault. But Prudence showed up and bullied the youngster out of her Championship shot. Now, the sexy blonde gets HER shot at the Sexfighting Championship Title.

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Mackenzie Challenges Kim for the Sexfighting Title

BSF-449_CoverKim “helped” David during his run as BSF Champion, and now scorned Challengers are coming after her to avenge their humiliation. Two days ago, Mimi destroyed the petite Asian in the BWL Octagon. Now, it’s Mackenzie’s turn to take a shot at Kim.

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KOed Dreams

BSF-448_CoverWhat happens when a fighter is KOed? Is it just all black, or is it like a deep sleep? And if so, do they dream? Denise faced Eduardo in the Pit, where the only way to win is by KO, so this is the perfect moment to find out.

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Saint-Tremblé Vacation, Part 2

BSF-447_CoverOn the BasementWrestlingLeague.com website, Melanie proved she is a force to be reckoned with by beating Saint-Tremblé’s bully Rita.  As the fierce competitor she’s turning out to be, the blonde probably sensed how sexually vulnerable Rita was after losing another sexfight to a local girl earlier, so she pushes things and challenges Rita to a second round—a sexfighting round. But maybe kicking an opponent while she’s down is NOT a good idea. Or is it?

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Mate Poaching

BSF-446_CoverAshley, Hani, Jennifer and Kandice have been competing for Petr for a long time. Right now, he’s with Ashley who beat Jennifer for him, but Jenn stole Petr from Hani, who stole him from Kandice, who had stolen him from her.

To make a long story short, right now, Petr is Ashley’s, but the redhead knows she can’t afford to let her guard down, especially with a Czech model needing an ego boost on the prowl.

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Pussycum and Pussygon

BSF-445_CoverAnnie is trying hard to make a name for herself without her twin sister Anna, and what better way to do this than to face a seasoned sexfighter like Sophie? Well, facing her and WINNING would be better. Hey, you never know unless you TRY.

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