Beach Assault


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Cindy is resting after her catastrophic encounter with Chip in the BWL Pit, so Petr decides to take it easy and soak up some sun. But he’s soaking up a lot more that some rays!

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Training for the Pit


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Next Tuesday, Cindy is scheduled to fight Chip in the Pit. Her lover Petr is helping her train for this fight.

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Hani Challenges Caribe for the Titjob Title


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It’s already been two months since Caribe defeated her stripper rival Nikki and won the First BSF Titjob Tournament. So it’s high time someone challenges her for her Titjob Title, and Hani can’t wait to prove that when it comes to titjobs, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better—at least she HOPES to prove this.

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The Face of Amazonology

BSF-476_CoverAt the beginning of this year, Annie faced Sophie in a sexfight. The stake? Sophie’s boyfriend, professor Michel Leblond, Amazonologist.

To everyone’s surprise, the twin defeated the Pink Panther. Most think the blonde got lucky, and Sophie intends to prove it tonight by beating her in a double dildo sexfight and getting her man back.

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Locker Room Secrets

BSF-475_CoverDuring her kickboxing match against Eduardo three weeks ago, Regine noticed some inappropriate—although discrete—contacts between her opponent and Robin, the referee. So after her victory, she decided to go see Ed in the locker room to clear the air.

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Back to the Root

BSF-474_CoverMackenzie was “discovered” when she volunteered to join Louise on stage and face her in a sexfight. This was 8 years ago*. On that night, the gifted youngster caught the veteran by surprise and beat her. Tonight, Louise gets a shot at a long-delayed revenge.

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Fall Break

There’s already been four stories published in August (4tht, 11th, 17th and 24th), so there won’t be a sexfight this week.

Visit us again next Tuesday when Sophie will try to show Michel she’s a better Amazon than Annie.

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Kim Sexfights the Kid for the BSF Title

BSF-473_CoverIn the Pussygon, only a few seconds have passed, although to you it seems more like a week. Naturally NOBODY is satisfied that the third consecutive SFC between Challenger Prudie and Champ Kim ended in a third consecutive draw. What a relief that without any prompting, both girls instantly decided to ignore convention and continue the contest beyond their mutual orgasms. Now it’s become a submission competition regardless of how often anyone cums.

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Prudie vs Tania is Ready!

TvsP_02_CoverThe sexfight between Prudie and Tania is finally completed, and it’s great, if I may say so myself.

It’s a spectacular sexfight ending with the winner fucking the loser with a strap-on!

It’s also 59-image long!

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Prudence Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt—Take Three

BSF-472_CoverThird time’s the charm and this is the third time Prudie is facing Kim for a Sexfight Title Challenge. That’s because their first two confrontation ended in draws when both girls improbably shot their guns at the very same instant. Hey, these things happen. Their fans don’t mind getting to see them lock loins three times now in their quest for the BSF Belt.

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