Couples Title Challenge – Jolene and Olivier

BSF-373_CoverIt’s been six months since Petr and Hani won the Best Couple Tournament. Since then, Hani—who was BSF Champion at the time—lost both her individual Title AND Petr to Jennifer. It took some time to decide, but the League ruled that if Megan could replace Caribe mid-tournament, so could Jenn replace Hani. And now, Jolene and Olivier are challenging the Best Couple. Jolene learned there was some foul play in their Quarterfinal and she wants a shot at the Title.

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Guitar Man

BSF-372_CoverJust an ordinary day at the beach for MILF Tania, walking around in a sexy bikini and basking in the adoration of men—until someone else goes for the adoration.

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Vacation Week


This week is vacation week on the BSF.

Indeed, you got a story on July 2nd, and you’ll get three other before July is over.

Normally, I would’ve taken the LAST week of July off, but this way, I could combine this holiday with the one on the BWL and get two REAL weeks off.

See you on the 16th!


Fighting Back Harder

BSF-371_CoverMegan faced Don in an MMA fight on the website. Now, after that hard-fought battle, she’s at her lover’s apartment to celebrate her victory and exploit her man’s taste for strong women to get some great sex!

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Kim Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Sexfighting Championship, Part 2

BSF-370_CoverDespite Kim’s sexual prowess, last week’s Championship sexfight ended in a draw, so we’re in for Round 2, with a vibrator added to the mix.

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Kim Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Sexfighting Championship

BSF-369_CoverLast week, Kim pulled a risky stunt that paid off big. She interrupted an interview with BSF Champion Jenn to force No Hold Bar owner Hugo Willis into giving her a shot at Jenn’s Belt. And since it worked, this week, Kim goes for the Pigtailed Princess’s Belt—on the new NHB Center Stage! A full 360 degrees of witnesses to one girl’s victory—and one girl’s sexual humiliation.

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Don’t Let Me Interrupt

BSF-368_CoverHugo Willis, owner of the No Holds Bar, wants to introduce a new feature: in-depth interviews with the BustySexFights Champions. And since Jennifer is the actual Champ, he invites her in the new BSF TV Studio for a chat. But the problem with being the Champ is that a lot of girls are out to get you…

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The Queen and the Princess

BSF-367_CoverSexy blonde Nikki is Queen of the Hill. She defeated four opponents in a row and won the No Holds Bar sextravaganza. But a close second in this event was redhead Vanessa who beat three opponents before being eliminated by Nikki.

Now Nikki’s the Queen, no question there. But Van says she was too afraid to face her and just licked her pussy to an orgasm without giving the redhead a shot at her own pussy. Now a real Champion doesn’t like her Title to be in doubt, so tonight, she gives Van a chance for revenge.

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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

BSF-366_CoverGuest artist G_Money delves into the fevered and fatigued brain of France as she recovers from a long, hard day at the end of a long, hard week at Le Physique Fantastique, the fitness club where she’s the most in-demand trainer among the staff. Now worn out and at home, France has left her sweats in the washer until tomorrow and she unwinds in her panties on her plush white leather sofa.

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Raising the Bar

BSF-365_CoverEver since he won the Couples Tournament with Hani, Petr has been at the center of a backstage war between the girls. A couple of months ago, Jennifer faced Hani in a sexfight and stole Petr from her. The League still has to decide if the Petr / Jenn couple will remain champion, but the possibility has some of Petr’s admirers intrigue and interested. Like petite redhead Ashley who’s been after Petr forever.

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PS: Sorry this story is a little late, but the Photoshop work was daunting! Hope you’ll think it was worth it!