Roster Change

BSF-417_CoverDenise is scheduled to face David in the BWL next week. He’s been hers for four months, but Denise doesn’t feel he’s committed, and neither does her rival Louise. She knows how sexy things turned out when SHE faced David back in September and she wants to take Denise’s place in the ring to seduce him Amazon-style.

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Tania vs Prudence

I get a lot of messages asking for a sexfight between Tania and Prudie.

Well, it so happens that if I featured this sexfight, I would lose the right to accept credit cards.

But there’s nothing saying I can’t do it as a custom, private commission.

So if you’re one of the few who’d like to see this happen, write to me at Minimum pledge is 40$. Just let me know if you’d be willing to get on board. If I have enough people wanting this to happen, I’ll do it and send it to those who bought it.

DON’T SEND MONEY YET! If I get enough people, I’ll write back and let you know. THEN you can send money.

So who would like to see Prudie face Tania in a sexfight?

Overcumming Inexperience

BSF-416_CoverOne week ago, Prudence faced Sophie in her third official BWL fight. The youngster was hoping to add a victory to her record after beating Mack and losing to Paul, but the Pink Panther’s experience proved too much for the recruit—and her beauty in this naked fight proved too much for Sophie’s raging libido. So now they meet in the Pussygon for part two of their confrontation.

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Technical Difficulties: Solved

Everything should be back to normal so if you want to join the site, you can do so.

If you encounter a problem, feel free to write! And don’t worry; if VEROTEL can’t grant you access to the site, you get reimbursed.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Annie’s Challenge: Twin Piques

BSF-415_CoverAnnie made the Triplets cum in 12:47 and she challenged any woman in the League to beat her time. France took a shot and got the Triplets off in 9:22. Then, Kim pretty much put an end to the Challenge by pulverizing her rival’s time with a mind-blowing 3:08!

Tonight, Annie’s twin sister Anna wants to face the Triplets—not to beat Kim’s time (everybody knows that’s impossible) but to show her sister she can beat her (and if she can beat France in the process, so be it!).

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Race to the Finish.

BSF-414_CoverA month ago, Cindy faced Brad and won—technically—so she got the right to use Brad’s girlfriend Regine for a fantasy white-girl-dominates-black-girl scenario one of her clients requested—and paid for handsomely.

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Jolene Challenges Brad for the BSF Belt

BSF-413_CoverBrad’s been BSF Sexfighting Champion since February. He won his Title against Melanie and defended it against Kandice and Hani. Now comes his biggest challenge so far: ex-BSF Champion Jolene, who won her Title against Brad’s girlfriend Regine and defended it a record 9 times—once against Brad, coincidentally. Will Brad be able to hold on to the Belt or will we crown a new Champion?

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Mad Panther

BSF-412_CoverSophie learned that while she was unsuccessfully challenging Jennifer for the Sexfighting Belt, Melanie was in the control booth fucking her man as they were both commenting on the action. Needless to say the Pink Panther won’t let this affront go unpunished.

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A Dish Best Served Drenched

BSF-411_CoverBack in 2013, Tania was forced to sell the No Holds Bar after losing an intense sexfight to Desiree, the buyer’s girlfriend. To establish her authority over the girls, Desiree faced Amber in a fixed two-out-of-three sexfight where the redhead was supposed to let herself be dominated (BSF-296, Dec 14th). Desiree never forgave her for winning one of the bouts while proud Amber never got over a defeat when she felt she could’ve beaten her opponent. So tonight, they get a shot at each other again, but this time, nothing’s fixed and everything goes!

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BSF-410_CoverKandice just won her kickboxing match against Mackenzie. She’s in the locker room contemplating her future in the Basement Wrestling League when she gets an unexpected visit.

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