BSF-398_CoverDenise challenged Louise for her Titfighting Championship Title and lost. And since both women are notoriously trying to get David, it was agreed that the winner would have sex with him while the loser has to watch. And so Denise is mournfully joining the Titfight Champion to a hotel room to watch her do the man she wants.

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Melanie Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Belt

BSF-397_CoverWhen Sophie challenged Jenn for the Belt last November, Melanie joined Sophie’s lover Michel Leblond in the studio for commentaries and a bit of action of their own. As Jenn defeated Sophie and won Michel, Melanie promised to challenge the Champ. Tonight’s the night, in a new No Holds Bar oil ring, with a super aphrodisiac oil they now call “Oil of Olé”.

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Who’s Your Daddy?

BSF-396_CoverTania wants Mack bad—especially now that the youngster is proudly sporting a spectacular boob job. But Poor Tania failed to win her when she was defeated in a sexfight by her old nemesis Desiree. But what she doesn’t know is that Mack wants her just as bad…

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Quality Control

BSF-395_CoverSince her divorce from David, Cindy works as a VIP escort under the name Carmen. Tonight, her favorite singer KartR Myles is in town, and she can’t believe he booked her! But she doesn’t know she has to pass quality control first.

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Time Stands Still

BSF-394_CoverCaribe’s a real fighting machine—whether it’s a real fight or a sexfight. But for some reason, she was never able to beat Louise in a straight, one-on-one fight—AND she never faced her sexually.

Well, now that Louise has taken the Titfighting Championship from her, Caribe thinks it’s high time she gives the brunette a lesson in humility—in the Pussygon.

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Vacation Week, Happy New Year and a Gift!

There have already been four stories published in December (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th), so this week is Vacation week!

So Happy New Year to all of you and let’s hope we can top 2015 on this site!

Meanwhile, to help you wait, take a look at this story on G_Money’s Blogspot featuring Kim:


As for BustySexFights, come back on January 7th when Louise and Caribe will finally meet in the Pussygone for their first ever sexfight!

The Royal Road to the Unconscious

BSF-393_CoverAfter the Towers twins failed to beat David in a Championship sexfight, Anna blamed her sister Annie and decided to go solo. She faced Cindy and won, and then she trained for the BWL and got a trial match against another trainee, Melanie. Anna lost again, but this time, she’s got no twin to blame.

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Ebony and Ivory

BSF-392_CoverRegine and Jolene have been rivals ever since Jolene waltzed on the No Holds Bar stage for the first time and beat Reg right out of her Belt. And we hope tonight’s sexfight WON’T settle anything because the way they try to settle their rivalry is always VERY entertaining.

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Four Wheel Sex Drive

BSF-391_CoverEver since David beat Louise in a sexfight and took her Championship Belt, she’s been itching to hook up with him. And tonight’s the night. She finally has him all to herself at the bar. But she’d better hurry to close the deal, because another BWL veteran has her eye on David, and tonight, she’s NOT riding her bike.

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Dot Com F*ckup

For some reason, I didn’t get the memo that was due for renewal.

It’s all paid now, but it may take about 24 hours to get activated again.

In the meantime, just replace it with in the URL you want to access.

Thank you for your understanding!