Bitter Kandi

bsf-438_coverTwo weeks ago, as she was sexfighting France, Megan really got the hots for BWL referee Robin, and even grabbed her breasts as she was having her victory orgasm. This didn’t sit well with Robin’s girlfriend, beach bunny Kandice. So when she overhears Matt say he’ll hit the beach, she figures that this is her eye-for-an-eye moment.

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I.S.O. (International Sexfighting Organization)

bsf-437_coverWe already know Kristi Hudson as the waitress who defeated Megan in a private sexfight for Matt. What we don’t know is that she’s an ISO member. And tonight, she is facing Southeastern Champion Erika Knight in a new category: the Sudden Death sexfight, where the first woman to cum loses.

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Megan Defends Her Titfighting Title

bsf-436_coverMegan defeated Challenger France and kept her Titfighting Champion Title, but the blonde wasn’t satisfied with a normal victory. After ramming her massive breasts against her rivals, she felt her victory would only be complete after she dominated her arch-rival sexually.

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Petr Spank

bsf-435_coverOn October 25th, Petr made Mimi tap out and got to spank her as a penalty for hitting him in the balls in their previous fight. Then, two days ago, he got a shot at Mimi’s girlfriend and current BWL Champion Caribe. She beat him and earned the right to spank him, but she decided to let her scorned lover take her best shot at Petr’s derrière.

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Desiree Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

bsf-434_coverDesiree is one of the best sexfighters around. She defeated Tania, Prudie—repeatedly, Sophie, Ashley, legendary BSF Champion Jolene, Denise, Mack, and now she’s going after Kim and the Sexfighting Championship. But Kim’s ready for her…or so she thinks.

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bsf-433_coverKandice is livid! The moment she found out that he’d been receiving some extra pre-contest “help” from Kim during his reign as BSF Champ (#309-339), the blonde beach bunny blamed the Amazin’ Asian for interfering and demanded another shot at David…aka “that bastard”. You see, Kandi was David’s first Title challenger and of course she lost, but by her reasoning the contest—indeed, ALL of David’s Sexfight Title Challenges—were rigged. But instead of going to Don Vito for justice, Kandi wants to do it by herself.

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Manik Monday

bsf-432_coverWhen Prudence saw BWL-hopeful Jayanti suntanning topless on Louise’s private beach, she couldn’t resist bullying the Indian girl. There was only one problem: Jayanti fought back and won. But the sexual tension between her and the new rival just couldn’t be ignored, so they agreed to settle the score at the No Holds Bar.

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Petr Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

bsf-431_coverKim won the Sexfighting Championship almost exactly a month ago and there’s already a Challenger: Petr, who lost HIS BWL Championship Belt to Kim almost exactly three years ago. Coincidences? Probably. But on the No Holds Bar stage, revenge is a dish best served wet and horny.

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Straddle Tramps

bsf-430_coverCaribe beat her stripper rival Nikki on the dildo saddles last time, but both women felt they didn’t establish their superiority well enough, so they’re back on the No Holds Bar stage tonight, without technological help.

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Vacation Week

By now (Sunday night), you probably guessed this week was vacation week! I’m sorry I forgot to post a note about it!

There were already four stories for September (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd), so this week WAS a week off.

Come back this Thursday when Caribe will give Nikki a chance to redeem herself after her Dildo Saddles defeat!