On A Boat Like Leo

BSF-325_CoverSummer is in full swing and Regine’s the one who floats his boat. He invited her for a cruise and she’s happy to provide the scenery—and the on-board entertainment.

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Honorable Woman

BSF-324_CoverSince her break-up with her husband Korey, Megan has had difficulties managing her raging libido. Before she faced Mackenzie’s boyfriend Eduardo in a boxing match, she told him she’d fuck him if she won, but left the ring defeated and frustrated.

Now, she gets an unexpected text message and she rushes to the hotel.

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The Twins Challenge David for the BSF Belt

BSF-323_CoverDavid has been Sexfighting Champion since March, with a little help from his “coach”, sexy Asian Kim. He has defeated Louise, Kandice and his ex-wife Cindy—although that last one was a close call. This week, he’s taking on TWO Challengers: Annie and her twin sister Anna.

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Custom Work

A consequence of my upgrade in hardware and software is that I suddenly find myself with enough free time to accept a limited amount of commission work.

If you’re interested in ordering custom images to fit your fancy or your specific taste, please click on the link above to see the prices and conditions.

Looking forward to making your dreams come true!


Riding the Bull

BSF-322_CoverHugo Willis has bought another toy for his No Holds Bar. “I can’t be here tonight, girls, but I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with it.” And you can bet seasoned sexual competitors like Denise and Jolene will indeed figure it out!

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Double Titjob Contest

BSF-321_CoverIn the constant battle to determine who’s got the best breasts, there’s one contest most girls will shy away from. It is sensual yet brutal, but it’s an efficient way to evaluate the quality of the boobs and the way a woman uses them: The Double Titjob Contest.

Desiree and Sophie are about to measure up.

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WildthingsBethany and Vero have been competing for Archibald all of their adult lives—that is until Tania gave them an opportunity to settle things publicly on the No Holds Bar stage. This sexfight ended with Bethany victorious and Vero banned from seeing Archibald again—until she learned that Bethany had “illegal” sexfighting coaching from Tania on the side.

Vero got implants and faced her arch rival a second time, but lost Archibald again.

It’s been two years now. Archibald has been with Bethany, but things aren’t as rosy as they seem.

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STC: Cindy Challenges David for the BSF Belt


Cindy and David met each other in the ring for the first time since their divorce, and the intensity of their boxing match was fueled by leftover resentment from their break-up. Victorious Cindy asked Tania for a shot at David’s Sexfighting Title and she complied. In true divorcee fashion, after stripping her ex-husband of his dignity in the ring, she now goes after his Belt.

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Update Note

There won’t be any posting this week on the BustySexFights website. There have already been four stories for May (1st, 9th, 16th and 23nd), so this week is vacation week.

I’ve been doing the BSF since 2007 and I only took two weeks off per year for all that time. By moving to a four posting per month format, I add two extra weeks off, and you still get a full month’s worth of material.

To help you wait, I thought I’d give you a little previews of things to come.

First, a Sexfight Title Challenge between ex-husband and wife David and Cindy—with a little sneaky help from Kim!


Then, the week after that, a new story illustrated by G_Money, where Bethany and Vero face off for their favorite carrot-head, Archibald.


Also, feel free to use this time to browse the 300 plus stories already online.

And be sure to be back next Thursday when Cindy challenges David for the BSF Championship!

No Tan Lines

BSF-318_CoverAfter beating Mackenzie and taking her Championship Belt, Jenn promised herself she’d also have a go at Mack’s boyfriend, Eduardo. But Mack isn’t letting her man out of her sight, so the new BWL Champion has to be creative.

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