Annie Challenges Brad for the BSF Belt

BSF-409_CoverAnnie’s twin sister Anna is trying hard to make a name for herself in the BWL, but Annie wants to be the best at sexfighting, period. And when she gets a shot at Brad’s Belt, she decides that it’s her best shot at being the League’s Sexfighting Champion. But Brad’s a tough guy, and he’s with Regine, so it takes a lot of woman to impress him.

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Morse Code

BSF-408_CoverAfter winning the Title of Queen of the Hill, Nikki won a spot in the BSF but her oversensitive breasts cost her her first sexfight against Chip. Tonight, she gets a second chance at victory against Czech model Hani who won her last sexfight against newly-augmented Mack.

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Bad Health Week

I was VERY sick all week, so this week’s story will only be online tomorrow around noon.
Thanks for understanding!

Olé Otra Vez (Olé Again), The Next Generation

BSF-407_CoverPrudie lost her second official BWL fight to Paul. And because she won her first fight by destroying Mack, her mom’s girlfriend, Tania wants to thank Paul personally for taking her daughter down a peg.

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I.S.O. (International Sexfighting Organization)

BSF-406_CoverRaven Knight is an up-and-cummer in the I.S.O.  She’s been sexfighting for a little more than a year now and had caught the attention of major sponsors who want to see her go after a Championship. But first, she must rack up another victory, but this time against a high-profile sexfighter, ex-Champion Erika Reed.

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Vacation Week

This week, Entropy is enjoying a vacation week. There have been four stories for March already (3rd, 10th, 17th and 24th), so this week is a hiatus week!

Come back on April 7th for another sexual competition. In the meantime, enjoy some of the older stories already online.

See you on the 7th!

Kandice Challenges Brad for the BSF Sexfighting Belt

BSF-405_CoverMelanie surprised the world when she sexfought the Belt away from Jennifer in January, but she couldn’t defend her Title against Brad, who overcame her defenses with his rough, fuck ‘em ‘til they cum style. Now Kandice thinks she’s got a shot at the Title. The Beach Bunny humiliated Tania in July, but she knows she needs to work extra-hard to regain some credibility after this whole Petr fiasco and the Belt would be just the way to do that.

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Annie’s Challenge: Kim’s Attempt

BSF-404_CoverIn August of last year, Annie made all the triplets cum on stage in 12:47, and then challenged anyone in the League to beat her time. Two months later, France beat her time by 3:45 and since then, no one has made an attempt at breaking that record. It looks like 9:22 is just too hard to beat. But Kim seems to think she can do better.

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Crime and Punishments 2

BSF-403_CoverLast week, Megan had to face her arch-enemy France in a sexfight as punishment for her recent behavior in the BWL. If she’d beaten France, this would be over. However, since she lost, she must now satisfy the man whose balls she attacked repeatedly, Eduardo—all in public, which is the REAL punishment for this private and prudish woman!

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Crime and Punishments

BSF-402_CoverDiscipline is a key element of any organization, and it’s no different in either the Basement Wrestling League or the No Holds Bar. Tania and Hugo have joined forces to chastise and penalize the offender who has committed several infractions over a period of time. With no precedents to guide them, they have decided against the ultimate penalty in favor of a punishment that better fits the crime.

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