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The New Champion’s Second Private Show

Thursday, December 28th, 2017

BSF-489_CoverIn the heat of a Championship sex battle, Desiree agreed to be Prudence’s sex slave for a night if she lost to Paul, and it turned out that the slave was able to handle the master quite well—well enough to turn the night into a sexfight for Paul. Can Desiree handle Prudie after taking a huge strap-on? Can Prudie overcome the humiliation she just faced and regroup? Who’ll be the Champ’s girlfriend?

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The New Champion’s Private Show

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

BSF-488_CoverLast week, Paul upset new Champion Desiree in her first Title Defense and became the first male Sexfighting Champion since Chip lost the Title to Kim, 15 months ago. And in the heat of battle, Desiree agreed to be Prudence’s sex slave for a night if she lost. Prudie just happened to lose her Title to Desiree, so you can bet this is gonna be a fun night!

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Paul Challenges Desiree for the BSF Belt

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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After a long, four-part sex battle, Prudie managed to rip the Championship Belt away from Kim, only to lose it to Desiree in her first Title Defense. And it’s now the new Champion’s turn to defend her Title, against none other than Prudie’s boyfriend, Paul. And since this is Desiree’s first mixed sexfight, this promises to be a challenge worthy of a Champion.

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Desiree Challenges Prudence for the Sexfight Title

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Desiree’s got a lot of history with Prudence. She’s bullied Tania’s daughter before, and even fucked Chip when he was Pru’s boyfriend. And since she’s also beaten the mom a few times, she thinks she’s got what it takes to wear the BSF Belt. But Pru’s now Double Champion. She won the BSF AND the BWL Titles, and there’s no way she’s losing one of her Belts now.

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Titjob Tournament, Quarterfinal #2

Thursday, May 18th, 2017

BSF-460_CoverThe No Holds Bar finally did it: they organized the first Titjob Tournament! 16 spectacular women competing to see who can get a man off with her breasts the fastest. As we continue the coverage of this boobs-lovers’ dream come true, the preliminary rounds are already over and the best eight girls are about to compete for a spot in the Semifinal round. Today, a showdown between two 100% natural girls: Cindy and Prudence.

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Manik Depressive

Thursday, April 20th, 2017

BSF-456_CoverSix months ago, Jayanti faced Prudence in a sexfight and lost, so the blonde took away Manik, who seems NOT to be Jayanti’s boyfriend—they’re friends, apparently. Complicated? What you need to know is Prudie OWNS Manik until Jayanti can win a sexfight—ANY sexfight. And tonight, Pru brought an opponent for the Indian girl: Desiree.

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Desiree Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

bsf-434_coverDesiree is one of the best sexfighters around. She defeated Tania, Prudie—repeatedly, Sophie, Ashley, legendary BSF Champion Jolene, Denise, Mack, and now she’s going after Kim and the Sexfighting Championship. But Kim’s ready for her…or so she thinks.

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A Dish Best Served Drenched

Friday, May 13th, 2016

BSF-411_CoverBack in 2013, Tania was forced to sell the No Holds Bar after losing an intense sexfight to Desiree, the buyer’s girlfriend. To establish her authority over the girls, Desiree faced Amber in a fixed two-out-of-three sexfight where the redhead was supposed to let herself be dominated (BSF-296, Dec 14th). Desiree never forgave her for winning one of the bouts while proud Amber never got over a defeat when she felt she could’ve beaten her opponent. So tonight, they get a shot at each other again, but this time, nothing’s fixed and everything goes!

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Who Gets Mack 2

Thursday, December 3rd, 2015

BSF-390_CoverTania’s in love with Mack and now that the youngster got a massive pair of implants, the temptation is just too irresistible. The MILF beat Kim in a sexfight so she could challenge Ed for his girlfriend. She won but now Mack is playing hard to get. So when the college student asks to meet her in a hotel room, Tania is ready for her final challenge: sexfighting Mack herself. Little does she know that Mack has something else in mind.

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Chip Ahoy!

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

BSF-364_CoverAt the beginning of 2015, Tania’s daughter Prudence faced Desiree in an impromptu sexfight and lost her boyfriend Chip for a night. This humiliation has been weighing on her so she challenged her rival to a public sexfight at the No Holds Bar to settle things and show Chip that she IS the better woman of the two.

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