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MutinyWrestling’s New Super Hot Vids!!

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

I don’t know if you are fans of Mutiny’s website, but this is the moment for you to go take a look.

When I was in Nevada and California with her last week, we filmed some of the hottest material she’s ever done. You really gotta see the sexfights—yes, sexfights—she shot!! This week, she posted the one she did against Ultimate Surrender’s vice-Champion, the lovely and dominating Cheyenne.

Not only is it really hot (and shot in a Vegas suite with the city in the background), but I can vouch for one thing: ALL of the orgasms are REAL! No fake stuff here! Just for that, the vid is worth a lot more than the measly $16,95!

And the match on a bed against Tomiko is one of the most sensual and intense thing both girls ever shot. Let me tell you I REALLY enjoyed shooting this one!

If you’re a fan of beautiful women facing each other with everything—I mean EVERYTHING—they’ve got, this one’s for you!


Cindy’s New Job?

Monday, September 16th, 2013

Since Cindy has left David, some wonder how she can make ends meet. This may be the answer to this question. One of the BSF members has sent us a print screen of the webpage of a famous Montreal escort agency. We let you judge for yourself if this Carmen is indeed our Cindy. If she is, she got GREAT reviews!!



Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

To celebrate the name change and the 100% competitive format, we have a deal for you: If you also like, you can become a member of BOTH websites for $6,60 less a month than the regular price of the BSF. That’s right! For 80 bucks, you can be a member of BOTH websites for three months!

These are savings of almost 34$ over the regular, month-by-month price of both sites, and 13$ over two, three-month memberships. In short, you save enough to get yourself a membership at as well!

Now if you’re already a member and want to take advantage of this, visit and cancel your membership. Don’t worry, your access will work until the end of your billing period. Once your user/pass stops working, just sign up again and chose the Dual Membership option. That’s it! Three months of hot action for $80! Sweet!

Why Do We Watch Porn?

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

It’s the age-old question, isn’t it? You had girlfriends asking you this after they found your tapes / DVDs / magazines / bookmarks. And it always seems to baffle them. They think we’re sick, or that we’re real pervert, or that they don’t satisfy us in bed so we need other women.

I’ve heard some people trying to explain this phenomenon, but they always sounded apologetic or plain dumb. So I want to run my explanation by you.

Humans are animals. On the scale of our evolution, we have been living in a “modern” world for a very short time, so a lot of our behaviours have “animal” origins. Especially things relating to sex.

Sex is something we animals do in order to insure our genes will survive us—and if possible a better version of those genes. We have specific strategies to insure that. In courtship, females look for the best specimen so their offspring will be strong and healthy—and have more chances to survive. Since their eggs are few—and since the “investment” of having a child is very costly to them, both in gestation time and in nurturing time—they try to get THE ONE. They also need a male who’ll stick around and help care for and protect the child. That is why women look for one guy and stick with him.

Males, we are quite different. We don’t have just a few eggs, we have billions, and we can recharge in a relatively short time. And after the fact, we can always run away and never be bothered with child care (I’m not saying that’s what we should do; I’m saying that is always an option). So our strategy to insure the survival of our genes is to disseminate, the logic being that if we inseminate many females, at least one of them is bound to give a new life to our genome.

This goes so far that certain species of primates will have “hardening” sperm that will block a rival’s sperm’s access to the egg. And men will produce more sperm if they suspect their mate has been “fooling around”.

Now that’s the way we would act if left to our primeval, animalistic selves.  But we are civilized now. And in our world, the way to go is to meet a girl, fall madly in love and stick with her (at least that’s the way the theory goes). Now, we males end up with one female while our instinct urges us to disseminate.

So instead of “fooling around”, a lot of us males have “pretend” partners. Hence the thousand of girls we watch on the Net. By touching ourselves while watching Jenna Jameson, we are satisfying a biological imperative to disseminate.

That doesn’t mean we’re not madly in love—quite the opposite! It means we found a way to stay with the same person and be fateful to her while still giving in to our biological imperatives—in a symbolic, cathartic kind of way.

No harm done. No affair. No broken heart. No lies. Just a few soiled Kleenexes.

JB57’s Request

Sunday, April 25th, 2010

In a comment to BXS-131, JB57 asked if it was possible to see the pixelated image on the very first page of BasementXsite. I don’t have the original drawings anymore, but I still have the full, un-pixelated image, so here it is. Just click on it to see it full size.