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Ashley Challenges Hani for the Titfucking Title

Friday, January 5th, 2018

BSF-490_CoverAfter being eliminated by Nikki in the preliminary round of the Titjob Tournament, Hani caused a huge surprise last September when she challenged Champion Caribe and stole the Title from her. Now, Semifinalist Ashley wants another shot at the Title. She feels Caribe cheated and SHE should’ve been the one facing Nikki in the Finale.

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Titjob Tournament, Semifinal #2

Friday, July 7th, 2017

BSF-466_CoverNo Holds Bar finally organized the first Titjob Tournament! 16 spectacular women competing to see who can get a man off with her breasts the fastest. The Quarterfinal rounds are now over and the eight best girls already faced each other for a spot in the Semifinal round. Now, for this second Semifinal coverage, bikini contestant and fitness model Ashley faces exotic dancer Caribe.

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Titjob Tournament, Quarterfinal #3

Thursday, June 1st, 2017

BSF-462_CoverThe No Holds Bar finally did it: they organized the first Titjob Tournament! 16 spectacular women competing to see who can get a man off with her breasts the fastest. As we continue the coverage of this tit-aficionado’s dream come true, the preliminary rounds are already over and the best eight girls are competing for a spot in the Semifinal round. Today, redhead Ashley faces blonde Melanie.

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Mate Poaching

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

BSF-446_CoverAshley, Hani, Jennifer and Kandice have been competing for Petr for a long time. Right now, he’s with Ashley who beat Jennifer for him, but Jenn stole Petr from Hani, who stole him from Kandice, who had stolen him from her.

To make a long story short, right now, Petr is Ashley’s, but the redhead knows she can’t afford to let her guard down, especially with a Czech model needing an ego boost on the prowl.

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Ashley Challenges Kim for the BSF Title

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

bsf-440_coverWhen Petr challenged Kim for her Sexfighting Title, back in October, Ashley got on stage to try to help her man win the Belt but was quickly and easily dismissed by Kim. Since then, the redhead has been saying she made Kim cum with her mouth within seconds and the Champ is just afraid to lose her Title to a newcomer. Well, tonight, she gets a chance to put her mouth where her mouth is.

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Petr Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

bsf-431_coverKim won the Sexfighting Championship almost exactly a month ago and there’s already a Challenger: Petr, who lost HIS BWL Championship Belt to Kim almost exactly three years ago. Coincidences? Probably. But on the No Holds Bar stage, revenge is a dish best served wet and horny.

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A Dish Best Served Drenched

Friday, May 13th, 2016

BSF-411_CoverBack in 2013, Tania was forced to sell the No Holds Bar after losing an intense sexfight to Desiree, the buyer’s girlfriend. To establish her authority over the girls, Desiree faced Amber in a fixed two-out-of-three sexfight where the redhead was supposed to let herself be dominated (BSF-296, Dec 14th). Desiree never forgave her for winning one of the bouts while proud Amber never got over a defeat when she felt she could’ve beaten her opponent. So tonight, they get a shot at each other again, but this time, nothing’s fixed and everything goes!

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Ashley Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Belt

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

BSF-382_CoverAfter Ashley won Petr from Jenn three weeks ago, there was some confusion. As Chazlamborghini asked in the comments, “Did Ashley win the belt, and Petr or just Petr?” Some say beating the Champ makes you the Champ, whether the sexfight is explicitly a Title bout or not. Other say this sexfight was for PETR only and Jenn keeps her Belt.

But Jenn being the proud woman she is can’t tolerate ambiguity about her status. “I’ll give her a shot at my Belt right now and clear this up.” “To me and Petr, I’m ALREADY the Champ,” Ashley replied. “But if she wants to be humiliated some more, so be it.”

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Ashley Challenges Jenn for—Petr?

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

BSF-380_CoverFour months ago, Ashley came on hard to Petr and made a slight bet with him. The result was that he had to let her face Jennifer so she’d steal him from her. But the BSF Champion (and then the Couple Champions as well) has a busy schedule, so it took a while. But Ash finally gets a shot at stealing Petr—and possibly the BSF Belt as a bonus.

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Raising the Bar

Saturday, May 23rd, 2015

BSF-365_CoverEver since he won the Couples Tournament with Hani, Petr has been at the center of a backstage war between the girls. A couple of months ago, Jennifer faced Hani in a sexfight and stole Petr from her. The League still has to decide if the Petr / Jenn couple will remain champion, but the possibility has some of Petr’s admirers intrigue and interested. Like petite redhead Ashley who’s been after Petr forever.

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PS: Sorry this story is a little late, but the Photoshop work was daunting! Hope you’ll think it was worth it!