BustySexFight.com (formerly known as the BasementXsite) is the sister site of the Basement Wrestling League, where spectacularly-endowed 3D babes engage in very intense fighting activities—kickboxing, MMA, extreme fighting and so on.

These babes also rejoice in the sexual side of the intense body-to-body contact, often experiencing climactic activities in the process of kicking an opponent’s ass—or getting their own ass kicked. So it was only natural that we provide them with a website where they could be 100% sexual.

But you can take the babe out of the competition, but you can’t take the competition out of the babe. Hence this very competitive edge to the BXS stories. The girls LOVE to compete, and sex CAN be competitive.

That’s why the stories you’ll find here feature competitive sex (orgasm races, sexfights, trib, Dildo tug-of-war) or sex in a competitive context—fucking a guy you know your rival wants IS competitive!

That said, this is all done in good fun and the BXS does not encourage rape, violence or any other signs of a power imbalance within a couple—homo or hetero. We wish everyone a relationship where both partners are equals and free to explore their deepest fantasies. To the BXS girls and guys, it’s sex contests. They’re not coerced—although coercion often IS part of what they dig.