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Thursday, June 12th, 2014

WildthingsBethany and Vero have been competing for Archibald all of their adult lives—that is until Tania gave them an opportunity to settle things publicly on the No Holds Bar stage. This sexfight ended with Bethany victorious and Vero banned from seeing Archibald again—until she learned that Bethany had “illegal” sexfighting coaching from Tania on the side.

Vero got implants and faced her arch rival a second time, but lost Archibald again.

It’s been two years now. Archibald has been with Bethany, but things aren’t as rosy as they seem.

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Arch Rivals 2

Monday, July 9th, 2012

BSF-240_CoverBethany and Vero have been after Archibald for a long time before finally settling their differences on the No Holds Bar stage in a heated sexfight. The victorious Bethany won her man—with a little help from her friend in the form of sexfighting lessons.

Since then, Bethany has been going out with Archibald, but the blonde knows she’s forever in competition with every woman who lays eyes on her favorite carrot head. And the competition is about to get real heated when her old rival shows up with a big surprise.

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I. O. U.

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

BSF-225_CoverA few weeks ago, Tania lent the No Holds Bar stage to allow two girls, Bethany and Vero, so settle their dispute over a guy named Archibald.

Bethany won by forcing her rival to cum in front of an enthralled crowd, and now she’s enjoying some R&R with the guy she now deservedly calls her boyfriend.

But that exclusivity came at a price, and someone’s about to collect.

Arch Rivals

Sunday, February 19th, 2012

BSF-222_CoverThe BustySexFights website’s mission—just like the Basement Wrestling League’s—includes making the facilities and the equipment available to women who want to settle an argument BSF-style—or BWL-style. This is how Kim and Jennifer had their first contact with the BWL, back in the day.

Tonight, the BSF is proud to help two local students to settle a conflict that’s been going on since elementary school over a boy they both like.

MC Tania introduces the rivals and comments on the action.