Raising the Bar

BSF-365_CoverEver since he won the Couples Tournament with Hani, Petr has been at the center of a backstage war between the girls. A couple of months ago, Jennifer faced Hani in a sexfight and stole Petr from her. The League still has to decide if the Petr / Jenn couple will remain champion, but the possibility has some of Petr’s admirers intrigue and interested. Like petite redhead Ashley who’s been after Petr forever.

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PS: Sorry this story is a little late, but the Photoshop work was daunting! Hope you’ll think it was worth it!

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2 Responses to “Raising the Bar”

  1. alex02 says:

    Glad to see Ashley have some good luck for a change! Can’t wait to see her preparation for the inevitable match with Jenn

  2. weltall says:

    Damn, she’s obsessed! It will be good fuel for the upcoming clashes.

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