Ashley Challenges Jenn for—Petr?

BSF-380_CoverFour months ago, Ashley came on hard to Petr and made a slight bet with him. The result was that he had to let her face Jennifer so she’d steal him from her. But the BSF Champion (and then the Couple Champions as well) has a busy schedule, so it took a while. But Ash finally gets a shot at stealing Petr—and possibly the BSF Belt as a bonus.

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5 Responses to “Ashley Challenges Jenn for—Petr?”

  1. random_guy says:

    Behold the power of Love.

  2. Entropy says:

    It’s tougher than diamonds, and rich like cream
    Stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream
    Make a bad one good, make a wrong one right
    Power of love that keeps you home at night

  3. Chazlamborghini says:

    Did Ashley win the belt, and Petr or just Petr?

  4. random_guy says:

    Both but this story did heavily focused on Petr.

  5. Chazlamborghini says:

    I was not sure from the end, he refers to both girls as champ.

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