Ashley Challenges Jennifer for the BSF Belt

BSF-382_CoverAfter Ashley won Petr from Jenn three weeks ago, there was some confusion. As Chazlamborghini asked in the comments, “Did Ashley win the belt, and Petr or just Petr?” Some say beating the Champ makes you the Champ, whether the sexfight is explicitly a Title bout or not. Other say this sexfight was for PETR only and Jenn keeps her Belt.

But Jenn being the proud woman she is can’t tolerate ambiguity about her status. “I’ll give her a shot at my Belt right now and clear this up.” “To me and Petr, I’m ALREADY the Champ,” Ashley replied. “But if she wants to be humiliated some more, so be it.”

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  1. Chazlamborghini says:

    Nice! I hope for more Jen and Ashley in the near future.

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