A Dish Best Served Drenched

BSF-411_CoverBack in 2013, Tania was forced to sell the No Holds Bar after losing an intense sexfight to Desiree, the buyer’s girlfriend. To establish her authority over the girls, Desiree faced Amber in a fixed two-out-of-three sexfight where the redhead was supposed to let herself be dominated (BSF-296, Dec 14th). Desiree never forgave her for winning one of the bouts while proud Amber never got over a defeat when she felt she could’ve beaten her opponent. So tonight, they get a shot at each other again, but this time, nothing’s fixed and everything goes!

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One Response to “A Dish Best Served Drenched”

  1. JustSomeGuy says:

    I LOVE the bikini contest at the beginning. The sequence is totally sexy and I love the expression on Ashley’s face when she watch Desiree parade her bikini! Hope you do more of these.

    Again, you give us 30 images when normal stories should have 20 (what I paid for). I consider I get 10 bonus images for free! And last week I got 6, and even stories like Tania and Prudie with Paul are huge because of the split panels that are two images in one!

    You spoil us, Entropy!!!

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