Bitter Kandi, Part 2

bsf-439_coverLast week, Kandice fucked Megan’s lover Matt in retribution for the busty blonde making a pass at Robin, the BWL referee and Kandice’s lover. But the Beach Bunny got caught in the act and now Megan is going ahead with her original plan: sexfight Kandice for Robin in the Pussygon at the No Holds Bar.

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6 Responses to “Bitter Kandi, Part 2”

  1. bakura says:

    glad I got too see robin refereeing in the pussygon before the uk blocks all porn from the internet next year

  2. random_guy says:

    Wow! So I wasn’t expecting that from Robin and I’m not sure I want to see that but then again that’s just me.

    However, the one night stand between Robin and the winner of this sexfight is surely something I WOULD like to see.

  3. Augustine says:

    What is this about Robin and a death?

  4. weltall says:

    lol yea, a little morbid there. Wonder if this will be explored any further.

  5. ForeShadow says:

    Well, there is that euphamism for an orgasm being called “le petit mort”. 😛

    I think this is an interesting development, and definitely unexpected…that straight laced, rule enforcing, Robin has a secret past as a high-stakes sexfighter. I think this might be a way to bridging the BWL/BSF world and the ISO world. Kim has long held the role of sexual martial artist, which has established that in the world of the BWL/BSF, sex has near magical properties.

    The idea that Robin can be so good at sexfighting that the stakes could be as high as losing your live to overwhelming pleasure is one I find a interesting. My guess is that there was no malice in her actions…she simple underestimated her own skill and it resulted in catastrophic heart failure during a sexfight, turning her off the entire experience from the trauma of the event. This certainly raises the stakes on sexfightight from some slap and tickle to being the most important thing in the world. That’s good world building.

    Beyond that…I’m just happy to see Megan finally reach her potential, and I agree with the others; I’d love to see her claim her reward. I’ve recently become interested in the cuckquean genre (which previously we saw on the BWL/BST with Cindy and Jenn’s rivalry over David!), and would love to see a story where Megan takes her pleasure from Robin while Kandice watches helplessly from the sidelines, unable to join in or pleasure herself until the very end.

    Great work!

  6. hornet says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing more of Robins past sometime but personally I would like to see a different story three of the last four updates have been this storyline and the other was an iso update hopefully we see a Kim title fight soon

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