Settling Accounts

BSF-467_CoverWhen Tania’s daughter Prudence faced Nikki in the Titjob Tournament Semifinals, Tania was so sure her daughter would prevail that she made Michel Leblond a promise: “If Nikki wins, I’LL give YOU a titjob.”

Well, turns out Nikki beat Prudie, and the blonde was so flattered by the Professor’s confidence that she said she said she’d join Tania in a DOUBLE titjob is she won. So this week, renowned Amazonologist Michel Leblond gets a double titjob by next week’s Finalist Nikki and BWL founder Tania.

And we’re all just a bit jealous.

Get the zip HERE.

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2 Responses to “Settling Accounts”

  1. random_guy says:

    I didn’t realize how much I missed seeing Tania in a sexual contest, unless you count her sexfight with Prudence which I’m not even sure if its within continuity.

  2. TanyaIsWaifu says:

    Yep we need more Tanya, she’s da queen !

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