Prudence Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt—Take Three

BSF-472_CoverThird time’s the charm and this is the third time Prudie is facing Kim for a Sexfight Title Challenge. That’s because their first two confrontation ended in draws when both girls improbably shot their guns at the very same instant. Hey, these things happen. Their fans don’t mind getting to see them lock loins three times now in their quest for the BSF Belt.

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4 Responses to “Prudence Challenges Kim for the BSF Belt—Take Three”

  1. random_guy says:


  2. hornet says:

    And this rivalry just keeps getting better you have really uped the stakes on these sexfights I’m almost sorry to see it come to an end next week really hoping Kim win’s but kind of think Prudie is going to take it

  3. ForeShadow says:

    Prudie’s got this. It’s her time. <3

  4. random_guy says:

    I agree with ForeShadow, it does sort of feel like Prudie’s time and not only that but it sort of has a “the student has becomes the master” feel to it.

    As I had mentioned before Prudence was once a student of Kim until Prudence left or Kim dropped her (I don’t think we ever got a clear explanation for that), but now that the scales are starting to shift that Star Wars quote sounds a lot more appropriate, it almost feels like everything is coming full circle for these two (a big, long, and silent circle) which makes their multiple ties that much more exciting, but the big finale is coming next week and hopefully it’ll be a big pay off.

    Unless by some unbelievable chance these two end up in another tie, I’m honestly going to lose it. (You just can’t play with my emotions like that Entropy, you just can’t).

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