Kim Sexfights the Kid for the BSF Title

BSF-473_CoverIn the Pussygon, only a few seconds have passed, although to you it seems more like a week. Naturally NOBODY is satisfied that the third consecutive SFC between Challenger Prudie and Champ Kim ended in a third consecutive draw. What a relief that without any prompting, both girls instantly decided to ignore convention and continue the contest beyond their mutual orgasms. Now it’s become a submission competition regardless of how often anyone cums.

Get the zip HERE.

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2 Responses to “Kim Sexfights the Kid for the BSF Title”

  1. BlueDragon25 says:

    I loved how this match ended please have their future interaction result in them dating each other. Their past history and chemistry would be great as a lesbian couple.

  2. Anon says:

    They would be a great lesbian couple, and a great rival for Mack/Tania

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