Hani Challenges Caribe for the Titjob Title


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It’s already been two months since Caribe defeated her stripper rival Nikki and won the First BSF Titjob Tournament. So it’s high time someone challenges her for her Titjob Title, and Hani can’t wait to prove that when it comes to titjobs, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better—at least she HOPES to prove this.

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2 Responses to “Hani Challenges Caribe for the Titjob Title”

  1. random_guy says:

    Loving the new format, the big pictures are very much appreciated.

    As for this Titjob title match, the outcome was sad but understandable as it is laying the foundation for new stories.

    However, if I could make a couple of suggestions:

    1. Can the champ have some kind of belt or something to signify that she is the champion just like over at the BWL the Titfighting champ has that top with the crown on it.

    2. Can the next title match be a double titjob like Tania and Nikki had with Michel Leblond, except with just one of the triplets.

  2. luca capecchi says:

    Hani la vedrei bene come prossima sfidante al titfight titolo di cindy.
    (Hani would look good as the next challenger to titfight title of cindy–Google Translate)

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