The New Champion’s Private Show

BSF-488_CoverLast week, Paul upset new Champion Desiree in her first Title Defense and became the first male Sexfighting Champion since Chip lost the Title to Kim, 15 months ago. And in the heat of battle, Desiree agreed to be Prudence’s sex slave for a night if she lost. Prudie just happened to lose her Title to Desiree, so you can bet this is gonna be a fun night!

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4 Responses to “The New Champion’s Private Show”

  1. random_guy says:

    What an unexpected, yet pleasant surprise ending.

    Of course I’ll be cheering for Prudence, after all this is the first time the league has had a couple with both championship titles around their waists (that I can recall), so obviously I don’t want to see this power couple broken up.

    And who knows maybe Paul and Prudence could challenge Olivier and Jolene for the Couples Title, although the way things are going right now it would make more sense to have Don and Melanie challenge them instead.

  2. Tom says:

    Loved Desiree ‘pussy lift move’! More more!

  3. BlueDragon25 says:

    I hope next week has Desiree win the sexfight so Pru will lose Paul. I want to see the hinted at romance arc between Kim and Pru to happen.

  4. ric187 says:

    I want Pru to beat Desiree; but then leave Paul for supporting Desiree. She can then join Kim to continue where they left off in their recent sexfights

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