Wet Dreams


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Tania has been in a threesome with Hugo and Mackenzie for almost two years now. Things never actually ran smoothly because two such fiercely competitive women have a hard time sharing—especially a rich man. Things have been working out nevertheless, but lately, Tania feels like Hugo may be more into young Mack. In fact, Tania’s afraid Hugo may want to dump her…

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3 Responses to “Wet Dreams”

  1. ForeShadow says:

    I love the creativity on display here!

    I’ve always liked the Dream stories, as they are a great vehichle for exploring internal character and giving voice to anxieties, conflicts, and desires, but this one makes use of dream logic and magical reality in a way that we’ve never seen before! Having show off her newfound strength with the impossible feats that Tania imagines shows the inner conflict she has…Mac’s newfound physic looms large in her mind, and Tania’s fears and anxieties about her age as compared to Mac’s and her inability to compete with her become exaggerated and larger than life…even as she finds herself aroused by her newfound body and strength.

    This is one of my favorite BSF stories to date…just wildly imaginative, bold, and novel storytelling!

    Great work!

  2. Meierkopp says:

    Hi, this is the best story ever seen. I like strong fitness shaped woman who can easily lift a men/women off the ground and do handjobs/blowjobs etc. Please more of this. Maybe overheadlifts as well with blowjob etc. Thanks so much.
    BR MK

  3. GEORGE LARSON says:

    This took me by surprise and makes a great plot twist. I think Mac’s reasons for developing her physic might have nothing to do with Tania’s fears.

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