Eduardo Challenges Paul for the Sexfight Championship

BSF-493_CoverThis is a first: a male Champion AND a male Challenger! What are they gonna do? A sword fight? Lucky for us, the twins Annie and Anna have agreed to help organize a contest to see who’s worthy of the Belt.

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One Response to “Eduardo Challenges Paul for the Sexfight Championship”

  1. random_guy says:

    I might be in the minority in this, but I’m glad to see male vs. male sexual competition on this site.

    Now don’t get me wrong I’M NOT GAY, but in a competitive world like the BWL and BSF it just makes sense to me for some of the guys to say to each other “I can fuck girls better than you can”.

    Of course this isn’t something I want to see every week, but every now and then would be okay with me and maybe there could be some variety to it like what was done in BWL-174, where the individual guy had to use his fingers, tongue, and cock to win. I mean a guy who can do that to a girl in a competitive setting should be considered an Alpha guy.

    Actually, as I was writing that down…maybe that’s something that the ladies of the BSF should be doing too, except for them it should be fingers, tongue, and tribbing cause a woman who can do that to a female rival should be considered an Alpha Amazon.

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