Locker Room Secrets

BSF-475_CoverDuring her kickboxing match against Eduardo three weeks ago, Regine noticed some inappropriate—although discrete—contacts between her opponent and Robin, the referee. So after her victory, she decided to go see Ed in the locker room to clear the air.

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4 Responses to “Locker Room Secrets”

  1. Pega-Sus says:

    Right now, Robin`s got the most interesting backstory and character development of all the BSF girls; it will be interesting to see where you will take it from here.

  2. weltall says:

    Agreed, loving Robin’s build up.

  3. Candy's fan says:

    Love it! Robin is the real deal! Not many can dominate Regine so easily.
    I hope we get to see her in many more sexfights.

  4. ForeShadow says:

    Yeah, I love the world buidling in the BSF. This is where Entropy really demonstrates his storytelling and shows how ambitious he is.

    Not to say that there is less or less potent storytelling in the BWL, but the BWL stories have structural limitations; they all have to happen in the context of a fight. This puts limits on both setting and character. The BSF allows Entropy far more leeway in both the stories he can tell andd HOW he tells them.

    It also creates a symboitic relationship with the BWL…because of the limitations of the BWL formula, having the BSF, which is free of most limitations beyond “there has to be sex” allows Entropy the freedom to expand on characters or establish relationships/conflicts…which inevitably pay off in the BWL proper, making the fights more meaningful because we have a context for WHY the fight is happening. It gives stakes beyond just glory or a trophy…there are emotional stakes; humiliation, revenge, love, desire, lust, pride, jealousy, etc etc. The BSF allows Entropy to build a WORLD…a world with rules that supports the story he wants to tell.

    In my writing class this was called the GIMME; it’s the defiining concept of the world of the story, and everything in the story supports that core idea. The BWL/BSF is a world of SEX, and everything in this world supports that.

    Take Robin for instance; Robin brings a new context for hte BWL/BSF because she hints at a deeper world of sexfighting…one where the stakes are much higher than the BWL/BSF…you don’t just put your pride or your title on the line, you put your LIFE on the line. I sort of like this idea that the ultimate stakes for the world that the BWL/BSF inhabits is that you could die smiling, taken to such heights of pleasure that it overhwlems your heart. That both supports the world, and adds another layer to the idea that this is a world where SEX rules everything.

    As ever…I am impressed by the amount of thought, care, and talent demonstrated by these stories. No other erotica engages me or is as immersive to me as the BWL/BSF.

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