Desiree Challenges Prudence for the Sexfight Title


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Desiree’s got a lot of history with Prudence. She’s bullied Tania’s daughter before, and even fucked Chip when he was Pru’s boyfriend. And since she’s also beaten the mom a few times, she thinks she’s got what it takes to wear the BSF Belt. But Pru’s now Double Champion. She won the BSF AND the BWL Titles, and there’s no way she’s losing one of her Belts now.

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5 Responses to “Desiree Challenges Prudence for the Sexfight Title”

  1. GEORGE LARSON says:

    I liked this fight and the ongoing rivalry. I hope Desiree will stay a champion for a while or maybe she can get an interest in the BWL

  2. hornet says:

    Are you serious She went through 3 ties with Kim and finally won the title to lose to Desiree on her first title defence that just seems like a complete waste Even worse that she took the title from Kim who always kind of needed a bigger push on this site and really needed a good title run

  3. random_guy says:

    On one hand I kinda agree with hornet, it does seem like a total waste but on the other hand it does sort of fit with Prudence’s m.o., to fly so high only to come crashing down.

    Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Prudence loses the BWL belt on her first title defense.

  4. hornet says:

    The biggest problem with that m.o. is it becomes damaging to the character if they can’t overcome it you can only rout for a loser for so long until you stop caring the same thing happened for me with Mac she was introduced as a really dominant character until she got into the league where she was turned into a jobber and Prudence herself was introduced this way as well a nice intro and then a long line of defeats this actually ended up almost destroying her as a character that’s why she was gone for two years that time was supose to salvage and change the character but she seems to be turning back to that whole lovable loser angle that she had befor

  5. random_guy says:

    Hey don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s a good m.o. and honestly I would like to see Prudence break away from it (same goes for Mackenzie’s current m.o.) but it can’t make it happen overnight.

    However, winning both titles could have been Pru’s turning point, hopefully she’ll successfully defend the BWL belt and still have that turning point.

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